Fenesta windows

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Fenesta windows claims to offer insulation against(from advertisement for reference only) from DCM Sriram
– noise
– rain
– dust
– pollution
– energy expenses

The windows are designed based on the architecture, windspeeds and rainfall intensity in the area where the windows are installed. Available in 230 cities in India

Everlast aluminium roof

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Everlast aluminium roof (from advertisement for reference only) from Hindalco
– Rust proof
– Regulates the temperature
– No maintenance required
– multiple colours available
– strong
– resale value of 80% of original value
Used extensively at railway stations and similar applications

Concrete chimney repair

Most of the newer homes and buildings are having a concrete chimney as it is the widely used construction material. It is observed that the top most area of the chimney is most likely to be damaged, as it is the area which is most exposed to the external enviroment, and also animals, birds who can cause damage. Heavy rainfall or snowfall can cause a lot of damage to the concrete chimney over a period of time, as the concrete will get eroded, and the structure will become weaker over a period of time. So it is recommended that the chimney should be inspected periodically to check if it is corroded or eroded so that repairs can be initiated.

Additionally there may be droppings of birds and other animals like squirrels on the chimney, which can corrode the concrete chimney over a period of time . In some cases, the birds may also make a nest in the chimney, blocking it and the hot gases will not be expelled quickly. In most fireplaces, wood is used as fuel leading to the build up of creosote on the walls of the chimney. The creosote can also cause corrosion of the wall of the chimney over a period of time.

A firm specializing in concrete chimney repair will assess the damage caused by the droppings, nests, creosote, remove the nests, creosote and repair the chimney at the earliest.

Aluminum roofing as an alternative to waterproofing

During the monsoon, if there is a lot of rain, and the roof is flat, there is a possibility that water will accumulate on the roof , slowly dripping or leaking in the house.
One way to stop the leakage is by waterproofing the roof of the house. However this can be expensive, and the water proofing is not very permanent, so it has to be repeated every three or four years, which can be expensive.
One alternative is to install aluminum roofing, which is lightweight and durable . The suppliers are claiming that the roofing will last a lifetime. They also claim that the roofing has good resale value.

Chimney problems

In areas with a temperate climate, the external temperatures can fall rapidly during winter, and this makes it necessary for home owners to make a provision for keeping their home warm in winter so that people can live and work comfortably in the building. One of the preferred ways to keep a home warm during winter is by having a fireplace, where wood or other fuel is burned to generate heat. In the process, hot gases like carbon dioxide are also generated which have to be expelled from the home or other area.

Most homes and other structures having a stove, boiler or fireplace have a chimney so that the hot gases produced at the fireplace can be removed from the home.

However over a period of time, like any building structure, the chimney which is exposed to the environment can get damaged due to a number of reasons like corrosion, buildup of creosote, heavy snowfall or rainfall, earthquakes and similar natural calamities.

In such cases, it is important for the home or building owner to initiate concrete chimney repair at the earliest, because if the hot gases produced are not expelled safely from the area where they are generated , it can be difficult for the persons living or working in the area to breath, cause choking or other health problems

Cushion packaging insulates from shock

Most goods are transported over long distances before they reach their end customer and it is important for the manufacturer to ensure that the product is not damaged during transit. So many businesses are preferring to use Cushion packaging made from foam for their products, so that item which they are sending will be well cushioned from the shocks and damage during to transport and rough handling . The packaging will insulate the product from the external environment, and the shocks . The foam Cushion packaging is available in the size and shape required, and the soft or hard foam can be supplied according to the nature of the product.

The cushion packaging is developed after understanding the customer requirement for the packaging required for the product, the kind of protection which will ensure that the product is not damaged, even in the worst case situation. The packaging used with also conform to the relevant quality norms for the product

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Cordless drills essential for home repairs

The cordless drill can be easily used to drill holes, fix screws in indoor and outdoor locations like a garden, in the forest without finding a suitable electric power supply.

They can also be used in homes or offices where there is no electric supply due to a variety of reasons, like natural calamities or a new construction. If the drill is not available, the person will have to manually make the hole and fix the screw, which can be time consuming.

Otherwise the person will have to hire the services of a technician for minor chores which can be time consuming and expensive.

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Waterproofing related problems

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