Roofing installer refuse to give quote to google competitor, start installation in R&AW employees house

The google competitor is facing so much harassment in panaji, goa, that despite making repeated requests, the roofing installer is refusing to give a quote in writing. Verbally he has indicated a price which is very high for a very small area.

On the other hand, the same installer has started installing the brown color tata steel coating sheets for the home of the google, tata sponsored slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, without even discussing the price

This clearly indicates that in addition to facing a major shortage of funds, it is extremely difficult for the google competitor to get anyone to do any work for her.

The fraud tata employes may be duping people that their favorite goan call girl sunaina, who does no work, does not spend any money online, is owning this website as part of google, tata’s sex, bribery racket , so this disclaimer has been posted

Quote for water proofing roofing on terrace required

Home owner is looking for a person or business to provide a quote for installing roofing on the terrace of her house
The roofing material used should steel coated with aluminum
Area to be covered 5 meters X 4.5 meters approximately 22.5 square meters
Angles and other supporting structures should also be provided
Home is located in Panaji, Goa
Please send an email to