CBI/R&AW employees try to extort Rs 1000 more from google competitor for roofing tarpaulin related work

The domain investor owning this website wanted to install metal roofing for her house in panaji, goa, as she was facing a major water leakage problem during the monsoon. However the R&AW/cbi employees impersonating her ensured that the roofing suppliers did not give her a quote, despite repeated follow up and installed roofing for the goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan’s flat instead.
So tired of waiting the google competitor decided to put tarpaulin sheets on the terrace, to reduce the water leakage through the roof.

However again the domain investor found that R&AW/cbi employees are trying to extort money from her as part of the google,tata masterminded sex, bribery racket.
When the domain investor checked in the market for the rates for installing the tarpaulin roofing, she was told that the person would charge Rs 700-800 for work which would take one to three hours
However when the domain investor contacted the installer on phone, and the person visited the home to check the work to be done, he said he would charge Rs 1800 for the same work which would take less than three hours , Rs 1000 more than the market rate.
In the market, the rate for the tarpaulin was indicated as Rs 100- Rs 150 per meter, the installer was quoting a price of Rs 250 per meter for similar tarpaulin.
So clearly the R&AW/cbi employees are monitoring the phone calls and other activities of the domain investor closely and are trying to extort money from her at every opportunity.

This clearly shows how greedy and shameless the 10 google,tata sponsored R&AW/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree are, they are not satisfied with the monthly R&AW/cbi salary they are getting at the expense of the domain investor, they are also not missing any opportunity to extort money from the already broke domain investor, google competitor

The money which these R&AW/cbi employees like bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, extort is then used for online shopping from websites like myntra, flipkart, paying cash on delivery for their orders.

Schools with leaking roofs in Goa in monsoon

One of the major problems faced by those living in Goa, is that during the monsoon, the roof of the house or any structure starts leaking as the water accumulates. So more money has to be spent on maintenance of a home, compared to those living in a flat . It is difficult to get a suitable person for repairs, and raw/cbi employees are extorting money from those who repair roofs

A local television channel, Prudent was showing school children in a classroom with their umbrellas open, as their teacher was teaching them some lessons because the roof of the school was leaking during monsoon

The school had a tiled roof and the local MLA said that a minor problem was converted into a media tamasha . However security agencies, cbi who falsely claim that cash withdrawn is for money laundering, black money, fail to realize that home owners are facing a real problem of repairing their homes every year and have to spend money, unlike government employees who live in government quarters,

Quotation for solar roofing system not received

It appears that some very powerful person in goa has been bribed to harass the google competitor, so that she is not able to repair her home. The google competitor had earlier asked a roofing supplier for a quote for her house , he inspected the place where roofing was to be installed, yet despite follow up he refused to provide the quote
Instead the vendor installed roofing in the house of google,tata supplied goan R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan who ntro falsely claims owns this website as part of the barter for free sex services.
In May 2018, another person from Margao promised to send a quotation for a solar roofing system at the end of the day.
However more than 48 hours later, no quote has been received, clearly indicating that someone is threatening everyone
Even in 2010, work was left incomplete by the contractor, leading to black money allegations

It would be interesting to find why people in goa are refusing to do any work for the google competitor as all the allegations are false. In April 2018, the google competitor was in Mumbai and was able to get electrical repair work done in her home,without any problem at a very low cost.

Roofing installer refuse to give quote to google competitor, start installation in R&AW employees house

The google competitor is facing so much harassment in panaji, goa, that despite making repeated requests, the roofing installer is refusing to give a quote in writing. Verbally he has indicated a price which is very high for a very small area.

On the other hand, the same installer has started installing the brown color tata steel coating sheets for the home of the google, tata sponsored slim goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, without even discussing the price

This clearly indicates that in addition to facing a major shortage of funds, it is extremely difficult for the google competitor to get anyone to do any work for her.

The fraud tata employes may be duping people that their favorite goan call girl sunaina, who does no work, does not spend any money online, is owning this website as part of google, tata’s sex, bribery racket , so this disclaimer has been posted

Quote for water proofing roofing on terrace required

Home owner is looking for a person or business to provide a quote for installing roofing on the terrace of her house
The roofing material used should steel coated with aluminum
Area to be covered 5 meters X 4.5 meters approximately 22.5 square meters
Angles and other supporting structures should also be provided
Home is located in Panaji, Goa
Please send an email to info@textads.in

Heating and AC system repair

As temperatures increase in summer many families are interested in installing a new airconditioning system or getting their existing system repaired, So they are looking for a service provide who specializes in Heating Repair Heating System Installation Humidifier Installation Indoor Air Quality and has the required experience, equipment and manpower to help in selecting the right air conditioning and heating system, installation and repair of the system at a reasonable price. A local supplier is preferred as he will be cheaper, and it is easier to communicate.

While most local air conditioner suppliers are providing Air Conditioning Installation for air conditioners purchased from them, many people are preferring to purchase the air conditioners online as the prices are lower.

In such cases, if the buyer does not have the necessary technical skills, they will have to find a service provider for installation and Air Conditioning Repair. Similarly after Heating System Installation, provision has to be made for regular Furnace Cleaning to remove the dirt which is accumulated, Furnace Installation for a new or replacement furnace, Furnace Repair and Heating Repair in case some part of the furnace is malfunctioning

Reliable waterproofing contractor wanted

Reliable waterproofing contractor wanted for a home in panaji, goa
Water is leaking through the roof during monsoon, and damaging, the walls,furniture and other items in the house
There is no major problem during the rest of the year.
Contractor will have to check the roof and give a quote for the work which has to be done
Prefer a contractor who will offer a warranty on the work done,
Other similar maintenance and waterproofing work is also available for more homes.

Prominanance UPVC window systems

Please note that R&AW,cbi, ntro and indian government employees are not associated with this website in any way, as they are not doing any work, not investing any money online, yet making fake claims since 2010, to get great powers, and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is paying all the expenses and getting almost nothing in a major banking fraud

Prominanace UPVC window systems (from advertisement for reference only) offer a 20 years warranty on their product, which is lead free and Rohs compliant.
Accredited with BSI (UK) and SKZ (Germany)
Products available are:
Tilt and turn
Sliding windows
Slide and fold
Louver shutters
Parallel open window

Waterproof plastic signs

Many of the road signs and outdoor signs are made from coroplast because unlike other materials like steel, it is waterproof, does not get stained quickly and is not damaged by most chemicals. Coroplast which is made up of double walled polypropylene sheets, is also of high quality and extremely durable, making it very suitable for making yard, road signs, stakes and for shop displays. Additionally coroplast is not damaged due to adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall, sunlight and strong winds. To cater to the requirement of customers who may require specific colors for their signboards and displays, coroplast is available in a wide variety of colors.

As coroplast is light in weight and can be easily shipped at a low cost, there are many firms offering Coroplast printing which print the design or pattern required by their customer and ship the finished sign to them. The coroplast sign and the design will be in the shape specified by the customer, who can also upload the design file if required.

Few advertisements for waterproofing products and services

It remains difficult for a home owner who is new to the area to find someone for waterproofing , as there are almost no advertisements for waterproofing services and products online and offline.
In large cities most people are living in building complexes so the society is taking care of the waterproofing and other maintenance work.
On the other hand, in smaller towns, many people are living in independent houses, so they have to arrange for all the home maintenance work themselves. There is a lot of demand for people who will do waterproofing, yet it is difficult to find a contractor who will do so.
In comparison, the roofing, pvc window and tile companies are advertising regularly in magazines and elsewhere, making it difficult to easy to find suppliers