R&AW/cbi employee extortion racket makes it difficult to get repairs,construction work done in panaji, goa

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In addition to stealing leads and orders of the domain investor, engineer due to which she is making very less money, making fake excuses of national security, black money, the raw/cbi employees are also running an extortion racket, demanding bribes from anyone who the domain investor, engineer is trying to contact.
So for any construction work or repairs, the cbi employees are monitoring the conversation and asking a huge amount of money as bribes, often more than what the work will actually cost
The house of the engineer requires urgent repairs, during monsoon, there is a lot of water leakage taking place.
The domain investor, engineer does not want to pay more money as bribes to the well paid raw/cbi employees, who are already getting a very good salary, so she is forced to postpone all construction work, till the raw/cbi surveillance which started in 2010 will end as part of google, tata masterminded identity theft racket on the engineer.