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A leaking roof is very inconvenient for the people in the property since the water will damage furniture, appliances and other items. The leaking roof will also cause structural damage to the property. Hence people who are interested in installing roofing maroochydore or repairing roofing for their home or other property would like to find experienced and competent roofers who will help them in choosing the right roofing for their property, installation and maintainence of the roofing. We are considered one of the best roofing experts and have supplied, installed and provide roofing related services for a large number of commercial and residential properties.

We are roofing contractors who specialize in supplying and installing different kinds of roofing for all kinds of properties like homes, buildings, factories, hotels, officies, commercial and residential buildings. Though asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing for homes since they are inexpensive, increasingly metal roofing is becoming popular, since it is more stronger. Some home owners prefer to have tiles or wooden roofing to match the decor of their house. Other properties especially offices have flat roofs, which have to coated with rubberized coating to protect it from environmental damage.

Often home owners find that their roof is leaking due to factors beyond their control. For example a tree or branch may fall on the roof, during heaving rainfall, damaging it. Due to strong winds, storm, some part of the tiles or shingles may break away. We offer all kinds of roof repair services, even during emergencies. Our well trained staff has the equipment and material to fix all kinds of roofing problems. In case of heavy rainfall or stormy weather, we will provide a temporary fix for the roofing problem which will last for a few months. When the weather improves, a permanent solution will be provided.

Since replacing the roof is very expensive, property owners should arrange for a roof inspection periodically. Before the roof inspection, the roof will be cleaned thoroughly to remove all the debris, dirt and droppings which is accumulated on the roof. Often if the droppings remain on the roof for a longer period of time, they could cause corrosion of the roof. Periodically cleaning of the roof, will extend the life of the roof. Also if any minor cracks or small holes are detected, they can also be repaired at the earliest, before they become larger. Our staff is well trained, and has the latest safety equipment to clean, inspect and repair all kinds of roofs.

bookmark_borderCCP workers damages house gate in panaji, goa after criminally trespassing property to cut tree

In another case of harassment of a single woman domain investor , CCP employees have trespassed private property in panaji, goa and cut down a tree and damaged other plants in July 2020
The tree was not entering into anyone’s compound, yet the CCP officials have cut the tree, taking advantage of the fact that the home owner was away.
They have also filled the compound with the tree which they have cut and have not taken it away, and damaged the house gate in the process
Looking for legal help to get compensation for unauthorized cutting of the tree, gate damage and to prevent further damage to plants on the ground floor
If anyone else in panaji is also finding that their tree and plants in private property are being damaged please send an email to