bookmark_borderLeaking roof at mailing address is proof that there is no one helping the domain investor in goa

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One of the biggest frauds in goa, is how the security and intelligence agencies are falsely linking the domain investor with various housewives, scammer students and other frauds, falsely claiming that they are doing the work, to get all the frauds, monthly government salaries, when in reality, no one is helping the domain investor in any way at all.
The leaking roof of the mailing address of the domain investor is the best proof, that the domain investor cannot find anyone at all in panaji, goa to help her in any way, since the local security and intelligence agencies led by caro, nayak, mandrekar, pritesh chodankar are ruthless in harassing anyone who she contacts for the repair work.
If the domain investor could get even one person below the age of 75 in panaji, goa, to come with her for 3-4 hours, and get the roof repaired, she would have got it repaired many years ago, though she is willing to pay Rs 700 only for getting the tarpaulin fixed , which will take 1-3 hours. For the last 4-5 years, the domain investor is doing everything she can to get the leaking roof fixed, she is not able to get any help at all.
It is ironic that the security, intelligence agencies are making up fake stories that some young person or housewife especially goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, who hates the domain investor and does not help her is doing the writing, wordpress work, when they are actually making it impossible to hire a person for small home repairs, like fixing the tarpaulin.

bookmark_borderDoors also adversely affected by water leakage

when the domain investor will withdraw a small amount from the bank, google, tata, ntro, cbi are quick to make fake allegations of black money, forgetting that private citizens do not live in government quarters where all the maintenance work is taken care of
Due to water leakage a large part of the building is adversely affected, especially the doors
The wood of the door is damaged, and is falling apart in some cases
Replacing a door can cost Rs 3000 or more

bookmark_borderRefrigerator insulation failure increases electrical bills

All refrigerators have an insulating layer so that the hot air from outside does not enter inside
If there is a breach in the insulation, the electricity bill will increase
Also the interiors of the refrigerators will not remain cold, and the food kept inside may get spoiled. Hence it is advisable to get the fridge repaired at the earliest

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bookmark_borderEven for tarpaulin installation, double rates quoted in panaji, goa

Indicating the endless harassment faced by the domain investor in panaji, goa, any repair person she will contact is charging double rate.
After the roofing contractor for metal roofing disappeared, she tried to get tarpaulin installed to prevent leakage during monsoon.
In the market she was told that the market rate for installing the tarpaulin is Rs 700 for a small roof.
However, when she contacted a person to have a look at the house, the person said he was charging Rs 1800, probably because the panaji security agency employees were demanding Rs 1000 as a bribe

Later when she interacted with other repair persons, they also said that their charges for one day was Rs 700 per day,