Masons make money than experienced webmasters, writers because of extortion racket, correspondence theft in indian internet sector

Since the domain investor is making very less money despite working very hard , she is doing some Research & Analysis of the skills, work done and income of other indian citizens to find out why she is making less money.
For example Sudhir (name changed) is a mason from Jaipur, he is paid Rs 1200-1400 per day for working for 8 hours daily, while the domain investor is making very less money, because she often does not get any orders though the low rate of solving the credit card fraud cases, indicates that there is some work available for experienced webmasters who understand how the internet works
The main reason why the domain investor does not get any order, is because no one can contact her, all her correspondence is robbed by greedy goan frauds robber riddhi nayak caro , siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, shivalli brahmins without a legally valid reason, who then divert the leads, orders to their associates for a commission, run a major extortion racket.
In contrast no one is diverting the leads for the mason, so he has plenty of work and is making far more money compared to the experienced webmaster, writer who is victim of government slavery, financial fraud,correspondence theft.