Extremely decrepit home of the domain investor in panaji, goa is the real proof that ntro/raw/cbi employees all HATE her, have not helped her in any way

Though ntro, raw, cbi are hysterically repeating their complete fake black money allegations like parrots for the last 11 years to criminally defame the domain investor, the fact was that almost all the money was removed withdrawn from bank account for home renovation and repairs.
11 years ago her relative was younger, and he was managing all the repairs for her, she only had to send the payment. He was also getting a person for cleaning the house , paying him
Only since 2010, after the fraud ntro/raw/cbi employees led by the brahmin mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, vijay started their fake help tamasha that it has become extremely difficult to get the home repaired
All the phone calls are routed through the fraud official mandrekar who is extorting a huge amount from every contractor, after making fake black money allegations, making it extremely difficult to get the home repaired at a reasonable rate
“Do not worry” is an indication that mandrekar is tapping the phone,
Though they are making up FAKE STORIES of help, the ntro, raw, cbi employees are not helping the domain investor in any way at all. The extremely decrepit condition of the home in 2021, which is 20-30 times worse than what it was in 2010, is proof that no one is helping her in any way at all in panaji, goa. Almost everyone will agree that the domain investor, a single woman has no one to help her making it difficult to fix the house,making it difficult to get the home repaired quickly at an affordable rate