Investors in some areas of panaji, goa find it very difficult to get their home repaired

Though the goa government is trying to attract investment in goa, the reality is that living conditions are very difficult for single investors especially older women. In some cases, the local officials are making it impossible to get the home repaired, harassing every person who is called for doing the repairs, demanding huge bribes
In Mumbai, citizens who wanted to get some repairs done in their house, did not face any problem, the repair person would also charge a reasonable amount. Only in panaji, goa greedy government employees are allowed to run amok, and harass citizens who wish to get their home repaired, asking people to charge Rs 1800 for work of one hour.

When the citizen cannot live in the home which is not repaired and has a leaking roof, the greedy government employees are then falsely accusing the domain investor of being involved in illegal activities, when the reality is that she cannot live in house, because greedy goa government employees have made it impossible for her to live in the house.