Whether to Try Hydro Jetting

Most homeowners are often in a pickle whether to contract the services of a hydro jetting company or not. In case you have decided to give it a go, the next decision is how to get a good hydro jetting company in New Jersey, of course. Perhaps, before you seal the deal, it may be beneficial to once again go over the pros and cons of hydro jetting so that you get a clear idea if that is what you actually want.

The Pros

It Unclogs Everything – one of the major reasons why most people are resorting to hydro jetting as a way of fixing their plumbing issues is because the method handles virtually every obstruction, unclogging even the most stubborn blockages. Using a plumbing snake, on the other hand, is not as effective. While it is a tried and tested method for unclogging blocked drains, it is not able to clean the inside of pipes the same way that a hydro jet does.

It is non-invasive and safe – the fact that for hydro jetting no digging is necessary to get inside a clogged pipe, and access is easily available via the cleanout, lends the method a lot of legitimacy as the safest, easiest, and most effective method of cleaning blocked pipes. Moreover, no chemicals are used, and what that means is that no hazardous elements are going to be introduced into your plumbing waterway. As such, it is safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.


Like every good thing, this method has its share of drawbacks. Those drawbacks include:

Damage to Frail, Older Pipes – Frails of a certain condition are not ideal for hydro-jetting as pressured water of 4000 PSI can gravely damage them.

Not DIY – Hydro jetting requires professional help. You cannot pull this one on your own because only experienced hydro jetting experts have the right equipment and knowhow to pull off such an exercise without damaging the pipes.

With that information, you are now ready to scout for the best hydro jetting company in New Jersey to help with your plumbing problems.