I Am Getting Started on the Patio

It is good to be finished with the renovation of the house, although I do have to do one more thing. I could not find the shower doors that Amy wanted me to use until just recently. Then I found a place that sells shower doors in New Jersey, which is where they are now unless they are ordering them from some place else. It is going to be another four or five days before they arrive here and then I need this guy I know to help me put them up. Actually it is not that way at all, I need to help Ron put them up since he knows exactly what he is doing and I could quite easily make a bloody mess of it if I were left to do it myself. These doors are heavy and you need to have the knowledge and skill to do it safely. Ron did this stuff awhile back and he knows a guy who will lend us the stuff that we need, there are special tools to hold the shower doors with, since obviously they are large, heavy and awkward to hold.

I am going to go ahead with the patio project at any rate. I will rent a bobcat to get the ground ready and then I am going to get these three guys to help me prepare the ground for the pavers. They are more than eager to help me, so long as I pay them cash. There is only one of them who speaks English, they are what you call Montagnards which means mountain men. Romeo apparently fought with us against the Viet Cong fifty odd years ago, apparently when he was 12 or 13 years old. The guy is a great shot and I would not want to go to war with him or his kin.