In panaji, goa, it is difficult to get home repaired, stop roof water leakage because of extortion of government employees

In 2020, again the water is leaking from the terrace of the house of the domain investor, resulting in a short circuit and no electricity in the house. This again highlights the risk of investing in goa, because some of the government employees are extremely greedy, extorting money from the repair person or service provider, asking them to charge twice or thrice the market rate.
The goa government wants to attract investors to goa, yet it refuses to take action against government employees who are making the life of investors difficult with their endless bribery demands. Though raw/cbi have been extremely systematic in ensuring that the domain investor does not get any kind of paid work in India, at least elsewhere she can get her house repaired, paying people a reasonable amount, which is the market rate
In contrast, in panaji, goa, it is not even possible to find people to get the house repaired or cleaned at a reasonable rate, because some politicians and officials are harassing them, demanding huge bribes, forcing the domain investor to pay labor charges which are twice or thrice the market rates