Like 7 time MP Mohan Delkar claimed, harassment is worse than british rule, making it difficult to get home repaired

Though the mainstream media has not reported it, harassment of some citizens is worse than during British rule. Though government agencies are dismissing all the content in this website network as spam, even a 7 time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar has openly complained about harassment, which was not covered in the mainstream media, and could have been the cause of his death

Now some media outlets are reporting his complaints

“All my efforts to get justice for my constituents are blocked and stonewalled by these people. They are even trying to frame me in fake cases, my supporters, the organisations I run or work for are targeted and the people in it are also hounded,” said Delkar.

Several times, when he asked the reasons behind the apparent witch-hunt, the officials bluntly told him – “Upar Se Order Aaya Hai” – for their actions against him or his supporters.

The prominent tribal leader further alleged that BJP leaders, the bureaucracy, police, investigating agencies and local goons were constantly harassing or browbeating him at all levels.

“This is the reason why even during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, I could not do anything for my people though they were rendered jobless, their children thrown to the streets, and they had no food to eat,” said Delkar.

“People with many charges against them are protected as they belong to the ruling party, but those opposing them are targeted on the flimsiest grounds. We have never witnessed such a situation ever before. This is worse than British rule,” he rued.

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