bookmark_borderNo electricity due to water leakage

So because google ceo sundar pichai’s endless quest for profits, a harmless domain investor finds that there is no electricity in most of her house.

There is no point in getting the electric connection repaired, because, unless waterproofing has been done, in the monsoon, water leakage will again take place and the short circuit will again take place. So to solve the problem, it is necessary to get waterproofing of the house done,

However it appears that almost all business owners in goa are threatened for dealing with the domain investor because of google, tata and other internet companies, so it is not possible to find a reliable and affordable waterproofing company

bookmark_borderShort circuit caused by water leakage finally repaired after a few years

One of the reasons why the domain investor wasted a lot of time exposing the relationship fraud of ntro employees is because she was being attacked by both the ntro employees and their enemies, who believed the lies of the ntro employees

It appears that the electricity problem, short circuit caused by water leakage was partly caused by the enemies of the ntro employees . In March 2019, it became clear that goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, was the real girlfriend of ntro employee j srinivasan, and he hated the domain investor. So those who believed the lies of the ntro employees, now realized that they were wasting their time, harassing the domain investor who is already suffering a lot

So after that, the short circuit in the electricity wiring was finally repaired after few years, without the domain investor doing anything, in April May 219

bookmark_borderNo one in goa helps the domain investor in repairs, yet everyone falsely claims to own her bank account to get raw/cbi salaries

One of the greatest frauds of the indian and goan government is that there is no one helping or associated with the domain investor in goa, yet everyone is allowed to falsely claim to own her house, bank account, and get monthly raw/cbi salaries only for making FAKE CLAIMS in a clear case of indian government financial fraud.
For example for getting repairs done, the domain investor would have preferred to get some help.
When in Mumbai, she did not face any problem for getting repairs done, because she was treated like a normal citizen
Only in goa, she is isolated almost completely, she does not have any kind of help at all

It is an indication of the widespread rot in indian, goan society, government that no one will acknowledge or talk to the domain investor, yet no one questions them on their fraud of falsely claiming to own the bank, paypal account

bookmark_borderBird droppings destroy the paint coating on gates

Some people like gujju fraudster cbi employee school dropout housewife naina are keeping food outside for the birds to show off their kindness when actually they are the greatest frauds in the world.
However they do not realize that when birds are gathering to eat the food, they will spend some time resting on the gates and other structures in the houses in the neighbouring area
many of these birds have very sharp claws, which will scratch off the painting on the gate.
Some of the birds are also leaving their droppings on the gate, and this can corrode the paint cooating, exposing the lower surface.

bookmark_borderWater leakage is a major problem for older buildings

When a building is newly constructed, few repairs are required.
However, after ten to fifteen years, more repairs will be required for a building or house.
For apartment complexes, there is managing committee to look after all the repair activities, and the cost is also distributed.
On the other hand, for a house, the home owner has to make all the necessary arrangements for repairs
With the worsening status of educated women in India, due to the indian government identity theft policy, it is very difficult for women property owners to get their home repaired, especially in goa, where security agencies are extremely ruthless in persecuting women

bookmark_borderWater accumulates in cracks in roof and slowly drips down

It is observed that when it rains heavily for a longer period of time, only then the water droplets are formed on the ceiling and are dripping down gradually for the broke google competitor who is unable to get her home repaired in panaji, goa due to the extortion racket of raw/cbi employees. It is because the accumulated water on the roof is slowly dripping down through the cracks in the roof

Depending on the amount of water accumulated on the roof , a number of droplets are formed on the ceiling and the water is slowly dripping down, once in a few minutes when it rains heavily

If there is no heavy rain for a few days or a week, the water droplets stop, as all the accumulated water in the roof is evaporating

bookmark_borderDespite followup roofing contractor refused to give quote

In goa, the top security and intelligence employees and their lazy greedy relatives like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak caro, do not want to start their own business legally, they only want to falsely claim ownership of other businesses and get a monthly raw/cbi salary without doing any work at all.
To cover up their fraud, they are harassing and criminally defaming the real business owner in the worst possible manner

So though the domain investor contacted the roofing contractor repeatedly for a quote, the contractor did not deny outright. Instead he kept saying that he will give a quote and he never quoted. So the water was leaking from the roof for another year