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Please note that raw/cbi employees and their associates like siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro are not connected to the website in any way at all, since they do not wish to invest any money or time in domain names, though ntro, indian government agencies have been making fake claims for the last 10 years, criminally defaming the real domain investor, who is then denied her fundamental rights

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It is good to be finished with the renovation of the house, although I do have to do one more thing. I could not find the shower doors that Amy wanted me to use until just recently. Then I found a place that sells shower doors in New Jersey, which is where they are now unless they are ordering them from some place else. It is going to be another four or five days before they arrive here and then I need this guy I know to help me put them up. Actually it is not that way at all, I need to help Ron put them up since he knows exactly what he is doing and I could quite easily make a bloody mess of it if I were left to do it myself. These doors are heavy and you need to have the knowledge and skill to do it safely. Ron did this stuff awhile back and he knows a guy who will lend us the stuff that we need, there are special tools to hold the shower doors with, since obviously they are large, heavy and awkward to hold.

I am going to go ahead with the patio project at any rate. I will rent a bobcat to get the ground ready and then I am going to get these three guys to help me prepare the ground for the pavers. They are more than eager to help me, so long as I pay them cash. There is only one of them who speaks English, they are what you call Montagnards which means mountain men. Romeo apparently fought with us against the Viet Cong fifty odd years ago, apparently when he was 12 or 13 years old. The guy is a great shot and I would not want to go to war with him or his kin.

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Most homeowners are often in a pickle whether to contract the services of a hydro jetting company or not. In case you have decided to give it a go, the next decision is how to get a good hydro jetting company in New Jersey, of course. Perhaps, before you seal the deal, it may be beneficial to once again go over the pros and cons of hydro jetting so that you get a clear idea if that is what you actually want.

The Pros

It Unclogs Everything – one of the major reasons why most people are resorting to hydro jetting as a way of fixing their plumbing issues is because the method handles virtually every obstruction, unclogging even the most stubborn blockages. Using a plumbing snake, on the other hand, is not as effective. While it is a tried and tested method for unclogging blocked drains, it is not able to clean the inside of pipes the same way that a hydro jet does.

It is non-invasive and safe – the fact that for hydro jetting no digging is necessary to get inside a clogged pipe, and access is easily available via the cleanout, lends the method a lot of legitimacy as the safest, easiest, and most effective method of cleaning blocked pipes. Moreover, no chemicals are used, and what that means is that no hazardous elements are going to be introduced into your plumbing waterway. As such, it is safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.


Like every good thing, this method has its share of drawbacks. Those drawbacks include:

Damage to Frail, Older Pipes – Frails of a certain condition are not ideal for hydro-jetting as pressured water of 4000 PSI can gravely damage them.

Not DIY – Hydro jetting requires professional help. You cannot pull this one on your own because only experienced hydro jetting experts have the right equipment and knowhow to pull off such an exercise without damaging the pipes.

With that information, you are now ready to scout for the best hydro jetting company in New Jersey to help with your plumbing problems.

bookmark_borderInvestors in some areas of panaji, goa find it very difficult to get their home repaired

Though the goa government is trying to attract investment in goa, the reality is that living conditions are very difficult for single investors especially older women. In some cases, the local officials are making it impossible to get the home repaired, harassing every person who is called for doing the repairs, demanding huge bribes
In Mumbai, citizens who wanted to get some repairs done in their house, did not face any problem, the repair person would also charge a reasonable amount. Only in panaji, goa greedy government employees are allowed to run amok, and harass citizens who wish to get their home repaired, asking people to charge Rs 1800 for work of one hour.

When the citizen cannot live in the home which is not repaired and has a leaking roof, the greedy government employees are then falsely accusing the domain investor of being involved in illegal activities, when the reality is that she cannot live in house, because greedy goa government employees have made it impossible for her to live in the house.

bookmark_borderContractor charging Rs 1.2 lakh for waterproofing of tiled roof in panaji

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In panaji, many houses are having tiled roofs to give them a goan look.
These roofs have a concrete top and the tiles are placed on the roof.
A house near the mailing address was undergoing renovatio
The contractor said that he had quoted Rs 1.2 lakh for waterproofing the tiled roof of a two bedroom flat
Initially some work was done, the tiles are removed and the workers have disappeared after the lockdown

bookmark_borderWell paid greedy government employees make it difficult to repair home, no electricity for few months

Though the domain investor is willing to spend money for repairs, extortion by the well paid greedy government employees make it difficult to repair her house. They are demanding a huge amount of bribes for the repairs, which the domain investor has to pay if she wants to get it repaired.
So for another year, repairs and waterproofing are not done.
Water is leaking during the monsoon, and the electric power connection has tripped in July 2020

Till all the water dries, there is no electricity in the house

bookmark_borderExtremely decrepit home of the domain investor in panaji, goa is the real proof that ntro/raw/cbi employees all HATE her, have not helped her in any way

Though ntro, raw, cbi are hysterically repeating their complete fake black money allegations like parrots for the last 11 years to criminally defame the domain investor, the fact was that almost all the money was removed withdrawn from bank account for home renovation and repairs.
11 years ago her relative was younger, and he was managing all the repairs for her, she only had to send the payment. He was also getting a person for cleaning the house , paying him
Only since 2010, after the fraud ntro/raw/cbi employees led by the brahmin mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, vijay started their fake help tamasha that it has become extremely difficult to get the home repaired
All the phone calls are routed through the fraud official mandrekar who is extorting a huge amount from every contractor, after making fake black money allegations, making it extremely difficult to get the home repaired at a reasonable rate
“Do not worry” is an indication that mandrekar is tapping the phone,
Though they are making up FAKE STORIES of help, the ntro, raw, cbi employees are not helping the domain investor in any way at all. The extremely decrepit condition of the home in 2021, which is 20-30 times worse than what it was in 2010, is proof that no one is helping her in any way at all in panaji, goa. Almost everyone will agree that the domain investor, a single woman has no one to help her making it difficult to fix the house,making it difficult to get the home repaired quickly at an affordable rate

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Due to the indian, goa government COMPUTER WORK, WRITING, DOMAIN OWNERSHIP FRAUD, labor law violations, CYBERCRIME, 15 google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees ,especially goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, stock broker asmita patel, panaji greedy gsb housewife robber riddhi nayak caro are getting monthly government salaries only for FAKING domain ownership, computer work using stolen data , so the real domain investor has to write articles to pay the domain renewal fees, since the goa, indian government refuses to end its rs one crore FINANCIAL FRAUD on her, cheating her of Rs 15 lakh annually and also criminally defaming her . This roofing article was not paid for, similar articles are also available on request

The roof of the home or other property is the uppermost portion of the house, and is subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Hence it is more likely to get damaged. While water leakage is the most obvious indication that the roof is damaged and requires repairs, there are other indications like damp walls. Since it is easier to repair the roof, when there is less damage, many home owners use our services for roof maintenance. The many benefits of -Roof Repair regularly and the process followed for repairing the roof are described below.

If there is any leakage from the roof, during heavy rainfall or snowfall, water will leak from the roof, damaging the furniture, appliances, documents and other items in the house. Additionally the water leakage can also cause structural damage to the entire house, make the paint peel off. The cost of fixing the damage caused by the leaking roof is usually far more than the cost of roof repairs. So a property owner should always ensure that the roof is well maintained,
The first step in repairing the roof is always cleaning it thoroughly to remove all the dirt and debris. This will also make it easier to find out the extent of the damage to the roof. In some cases, the holes or cracks in the roof are obvious, while in other cases, the holes are small. If the holes are not fixed immediately, they will become larger. The repairs will also depend on the kind of roof which is being used, asphalt, metal and clay tile are some of the more popular kinds of roof. In a few cases, the damage may be caused due to natural calamities, trees, branches, falling on the roof.

The experienced staff will assess the damage to the roof, to determine the repairs required, the cost and time taken for the repairs. We will then provide details of the roof repairs to the property owner, along with options available. In a few cases, especially if the roof is more than one decade old, the cost of repairs may be very high, so replacing the roof is often a cheaper option. After the property owner approves the roof repairs, we will finalize a convenient date for the roof repairs. On the scheduled date, the staff will get the required material,tools, equipment for repairs and complete the repair work.

bookmark_borderLike 7 time MP Mohan Delkar claimed, harassment is worse than british rule, making it difficult to get home repaired

Though the mainstream media has not reported it, harassment of some citizens is worse than during British rule. Though government agencies are dismissing all the content in this website network as spam, even a 7 time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar has openly complained about harassment, which was not covered in the mainstream media, and could have been the cause of his death

Now some media outlets are reporting his complaints

“All my efforts to get justice for my constituents are blocked and stonewalled by these people. They are even trying to frame me in fake cases, my supporters, the organisations I run or work for are targeted and the people in it are also hounded,” said Delkar.

Several times, when he asked the reasons behind the apparent witch-hunt, the officials bluntly told him – “Upar Se Order Aaya Hai” – for their actions against him or his supporters.

The prominent tribal leader further alleged that BJP leaders, the bureaucracy, police, investigating agencies and local goons were constantly harassing or browbeating him at all levels.

“This is the reason why even during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, I could not do anything for my people though they were rendered jobless, their children thrown to the streets, and they had no food to eat,” said Delkar.

“People with many charges against them are protected as they belong to the ruling party, but those opposing them are targeted on the flimsiest grounds. We have never witnessed such a situation ever before. This is worse than British rule,” he rued.

The domain investor is also harassed in the worst manner in panaji, goa, making it impossible to get her house repaired for the last few years, All her correspondence is diverted to the google, tata supplied goan call girl R&AW employees goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, and greedy gsb cbi housewife robber riddhi nayak caro who run a major extortion racket. ,
when she contacts any contractor for home repairs, these greedy goan frauds and sindhi scammer raw/cbi employees housewife naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, are demanding huge bribes from the contractor, which the domain investor refuses to pay. So the domain investor cannot do any repairs for her house.
Additionally though the slim lazy greedy goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, does not even have a computer at home, the goan, indian government is falsely claiming that the goan call girl who does not pay any money for domains, owns this and other domains, to pay the goan call girl a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, because she has very powerful PIMPS marketing her SEX services.

bookmark_borderHouse of domain investor in panaji, goa bathed with microwave weapons, causes structural damage

Though the government agencies are falsely accusing the domain investor of being involved in illegal activities, because she is not living at her mailing address, the real reason why the government employees are so upset, is because they have been paid a large amount to bathe house of the domain investment with radiation weapons to destroy her health completely and cause cancer, so that she dies quickly.
The domain investor was experiencing great pain when living in the house, and so when she got the opportunity to leave the house,. she left . this was confirmed by the msn report, NSA statement which mentions that
The RF theory was also supported by a 2014 National Security Agency statement, disclosed in a worker’s compensation case, that described such a weapon as a “high-powered microwave system weapon that may have the ability to weaken, intimidate, or kill an enemy over time without leaving evidence.” The statement goes on to say “…this weapon is designed to bathe a target’s living quarters in microwaves.”

In addition to causing pain, the microwave radiation weapons have also caused structural damage, falling ceilings,