Cushion packaging insulates from shock

Most goods are transported over long distances before they reach their end customer and it is important for the manufacturer to ensure that the product is not damaged during transit. So many businesses are preferring to use Cushion packaging made from foam for their products, so that item which they are sending will be well cushioned from the shocks and damage during to transport and rough handling . The packaging will insulate the product from the external environment, and the shocks . The foam Cushion packaging is available in the size and shape required, and the soft or hard foam can be supplied according to the nature of the product.

The cushion packaging is developed after understanding the customer requirement for the packaging required for the product, the kind of protection which will ensure that the product is not damaged, even in the worst case situation. The packaging used with also conform to the relevant quality norms for the product

NTRO, R&AW, google, tata gift goan bhandari R&AW employee panaji sex worker sunaina chodan home renovation as reward for her SEX services

In goa, especially panaji, google,tata, ntro, R&AW are operating the biggest call girl , sex worker agency supplying sex workers to ntro, cbi, raw, security agency employees,who then get R&AW jobs falsely claiming to have the resume, investment of single woman engineers, domain investors who are falsely labelled a security threat without any proof at all, after the corrupt security agency employees get money and sex bribes
One of the world famous google, tata supplied goan bhandari R&AW employees sex worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc is being pampered and promoted by the ntro employees as an online expert after enjoying her sex services, so that she gets a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of a google competitor, domain investor.
Though the goan bhandari R&AW employeee sunaina does not spend any money on domain names, the NTRO employees having regular SEX with google, tata’s favorite panaji prostitute ensure that the goan bhandari SEX worker gets a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the google competitor
So now google, tata’s favorite panaji prostitute R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan has plenty of money, and is undertaking an expensive renovation of her house. There are a large number of cement bags and sand stacked in her house for the renovation work.
At least 3 to 4 laborers are working on the renovation, which will cost a few lakhs
On the other hand the google competitor who actually owns the domains which R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina falsely claims to own to get a monthly R&AW salary, has very less money and cannot afford to do waterproofing of her house because bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan,’ shameless fraud lovers, PIMPS in google, tata and sugar daddies like j srinivasan, puneet are blocking almost all payment which the google competitor should receive, stealing leads and orders.

Cordless drills essential for home repairs

The cordless drill can be easily used to drill holes, fix screws in indoor and outdoor locations like a garden, in the forest without finding a suitable electric power supply.

They can also be used in homes or offices where there is no electric supply due to a variety of reasons, like natural calamities or a new construction. If the drill is not available, the person will have to manually make the hole and fix the screw, which can be time consuming.

Otherwise the person will have to hire the services of a technician for minor chores which can be time consuming and expensive.

Many people with houses in posh areas of panaji have less money, do their home maintenance themselves

Increasingly the extremely corrupt security and intelligence agency employees in panaji, are targetting home owners in the posh areas of panaji for organized stalking , due to which they have very limited money, Only government employees with a pension and those with jobs are well off, many others are broke.
So to save money as they are unable to pay the large amount charged by painters, they are painting their own house . On 27 and 28 November,2017 a man owning a fairly large house in a posh area of panaji, was spotted painting the fencing of his house
Only google, tata sponsored eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, whose powerful lover ntro employee parmar has got her a CBI job with fake resume, fake investment, fake online work, are able to get the indian government waste tax payer money to renovate and keep her house clean.
So the broke domain investor will have to purchase water proofing material and do the water proofing herself due to the google, tata, ntro SEX, bribery racket

Waterproofing related problems

Because of widespread corporate espionage allegedly of google,tata , a harmless domain investor, google competitor finds that there is no electricity in most of her house. It is futile to get the electric connection repaired, because, unless waterproofing has been done, in the monsoon, water leakage will again take place and the short circuit will again take place.

So to solve the problem, it is necessary to get waterproofing of the house done, However it appears that almost all business owners in goa are threatened for dealing with the domain investor because of google, tata and other internet companies, so it is not possible to find a reliable and affordable waterproofing company

Finding a waterproofing company in panaji, goa has become a major challenge because of the google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud as all the local intelligence and security agency employees are on the payroll of these companies. When the domain investor will contact the waterproofing company, the local R&AW/CBI employees will threaten the waterproofing company not to do any kind of work, or demand and get a hefty bribe , which the domain investor will ultimately have to pay.

Phone call diversion to R&AW/CBI employees makes it difficult to contact waterproofing contractor

It is difficult for a google competitor to get her home waterproofed in panaji, goa as all her phone calls are diverted to R&AW/CBI employees who promptly block them as part of the deal with google, tata
The google competitor is under surveillance, and every person she interacts with is misguided or asked to pay additional money as bribes to these powerful government employees
So newspaper ads are the only way to contact a waterproof contractor, however in most cases, the outgoing phone calls are blocked as the domain investor is getting the message that the mobile phone is switched off

Due to google, tata SEX, bribery racket, google competitor has no money to maintain house

It is very inadvisable to invest time and money in the indian internet sector because large companies like google, tata are ruthless in exploiting, defaming, cheating the domain investor to supply SEX workers, get bribes for top indian intelligence and security agency emplotees at the expense of the domain investor

So when people look at the poorly maintained house of the domain investor, they should be aware of the fact that google ceo sundar pichai, tata, ntro, cbi, security agency employees are directly responsible as they have been cheating, exploiting and torturing the domain investor in the worst possible manner, stealing her retirement savings, orders, correspondence, resume,memory without a court order or legally valid reason.

Google, tata favorite SEX worker, fraud R&AW/CBI employees slim bhandari sunaina, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak, eighth standard pass housewife naina, indore document robber veena and others have never done any work online in their life yet the shameless section 420 fraud ntro employees are making fake claims to get all these frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor.

The indian government does not have money for farmers, however it is wasting Rs 3 crore or more annually to ensure that the income of the google competitor is reduced to the extent possible.

Waterproofing and building maintenance services in Singapore

Starlight Building Maintenance Services (S) Pte Ltd the company with 32 years experience in High rise painting for Industrial, Residential and commercial

properties, R.C. Roof Waterproofing, Metal roof waterproofing and Heavy Duty Industrial Epoxy coating services.
Collins Movers 22 Jurong Port Road Warehouse
Beni Warehousing 29 Tuas Ave 11
Avi Tech 19 A Serangoon Place Factory Building
113 Sims Ave Chinese Temple
PBT Engineering Factory Building
Mandalay Tower Condominium
Poets Villa @ Tagore Lane
Toa Payoh Methodist Church
Maxima Investments 43 Tech Park Crescent Industrial Property
Kim Tian Christian Church 811 Upper Serangoon Rd
Global Marine Safety 16 Penjuru Close Factory
MCST 1346 336 Upper East Coast Road
MCST 2113 22 Lorong Puntong
29 MCST 826 623 625 Aljunied Road
2A Summerville Park 9 Blocks of Bungalow Houses
St Hildas Church 41 Ceylon Road
Turbo Mech Asia Pte Ltd 61 Ubi Crescent
Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong 2 Lorong 6 Toa Payo
38 St Michaels Road
The Girls Brigade Singapore 795 Upper Serangoon Ave
MCST 2804 701 Geylang Road
Techfield Supply Pte Ltd 34 Binchang Rise
St Francis Church Of Assisi 200 Boon Lay Ave


Starlight Building Maintenance Services (S) Pte Ltd
62, Ubi Road 1 # 06 – 13
Oxley BizHub2, Singapore 408734
Tel: 62812408 OR 67442539 Fax: 62812562
BCA Registered Contractor-CR01 ,CR09 and CR13
Business Registration No: 198600227K
(established since 1983)
Bizsafe level 3 registered contractor

Money required for home maintenance

For large apartment or building complexes, it is possible to hire a company for maintenance as the cost per flat is usually affordable. However for a stand alone home or row house maintenance can be very expensive as all the expenses are to be borne by the home owner alone.

In India, indian intelligence and security agencies do not harass married couples, so they can make a lot of money required from their job or business for renovating their house. Similarly retired and working indian government employees are getting a good pension and salary so they can afford to spend a lot of money on home maintenance and repair, painting their house repeatedly

However small business owners, especially middle aged single women are targetted for harassment, defamation, cheating, exploitation by the shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agencies who are allowed to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money without being questioned. These indian government employees are allowed to waste resources to reduce the income of the domain investor, online business owner to zero, so the small business owner is making very less money and they cannot maintain their house well. Though their CEOs are getting salaries of crores annually fraud IT and internet companies like google, tata are bribing the shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agencies to label small business owners as a security threat without any proof just because the small business owner has saved a small amount of money for her old age.

The cruel animal like indian government, security agency employees on the payroll of google, tata then subject the small business owner who they have defamed without any proof at all, to non consensual human experimentation, stealing the memory of the small business owner without her permission or offering any kind of compensation, making the small business owner a slave of these IT and internet companies.

Like a slave the small business owner does not make any money online as the companies like google, tata who have purchased the life of the business owner from the indian government in an open case of human trafficking are ruthless in blocking almost all payment, stealing orders, closing the account.

Shelter and homes

One of the reasons why homes and buildings are constructed is because they offer shelter to those who reside in the home from the environment, insulating them from the surroundings and adverse weather conditions.

For example during summer , a person in a home, will not feel very hot as the roof which absorb the heat of the sun , while during the monsoon , a person inside a home will be insulated, and not get wet in the rain if the roof of the home is not leaking

Similarly during winter in temperate climes, the person inside a home or shelter are insulated from the snowfall and cold to some extent. They also ensure that the person is not attacked physically by other people, or animals, especially while resting