Schools with leaking roofs in Goa in monsoon

One of the major problems faced by those living in Goa, is that during the monsoon, the roof of the house or any structure starts leaking as the water accumulates. So more money has to be spent on maintenance of a home, compared to those living in a flat . It is difficult to get a suitable person for repairs, and raw/cbi employees are extorting money from those who repair roofs

A local television channel, Prudent was showing school children in a classroom with their umbrellas open, as their teacher was teaching them some lessons because the roof of the school was leaking during monsoon

The school had a tiled roof and the local MLA said that a minor problem was converted into a media tamasha . However security agencies, cbi who falsely claim that cash withdrawn is for money laundering, black money, fail to realize that home owners are facing a real problem of repairing their homes every year and have to spend money, unlike government employees who live in government quarters,