Waterproof plastic signs

Many of the road signs and outdoor signs are made from coroplast because unlike other materials like steel, it is waterproof, does not get stained quickly and is not damaged by most chemicals. Coroplast which is made up of double walled polypropylene sheets, is also of high quality and extremely durable, making it very suitable for making yard, road signs, stakes and for shop displays. Additionally coroplast is not damaged due to adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfall, sunlight and strong winds. To cater to the requirement of customers who may require specific colors for their signboards and displays, coroplast is available in a wide variety of colors.

As coroplast is light in weight and can be easily shipped at a low cost, there are many firms offering Coroplast printing which print the design or pattern required by their customer and ship the finished sign to them. The coroplast sign and the design will be in the shape specified by the customer, who can also upload the design file if required.