Concrete chimney repair

Most of the newer homes and buildings are having a concrete chimney as it is the widely used construction material. It is observed that the top most area of the chimney is most likely to be damaged, as it is the area which is most exposed to the external enviroment, and also animals, birds who can cause damage. Heavy rainfall or snowfall can cause a lot of damage to the concrete chimney over a period of time, as the concrete will get eroded, and the structure will become weaker over a period of time. So it is recommended that the chimney should be inspected periodically to check if it is corroded or eroded so that repairs can be initiated.

Additionally there may be droppings of birds and other animals like squirrels on the chimney, which can corrode the concrete chimney over a period of time . In some cases, the birds may also make a nest in the chimney, blocking it and the hot gases will not be expelled quickly. In most fireplaces, wood is used as fuel leading to the build up of creosote on the walls of the chimney. The creosote can also cause corrosion of the wall of the chimney over a period of time.

A firm specializing in concrete chimney repair will assess the damage caused by the droppings, nests, creosote, remove the nests, creosote and repair the chimney at the earliest.