Chimney problems

In areas with a temperate climate, the external temperatures can fall rapidly during winter, and this makes it necessary for home owners to make a provision for keeping their home warm in winter so that people can live and work comfortably in the building. One of the preferred ways to keep a home warm during winter is by having a fireplace, where wood or other fuel is burned to generate heat. In the process, hot gases like carbon dioxide are also generated which have to be expelled from the home or other area.

Most homes and other structures having a stove, boiler or fireplace have a chimney so that the hot gases produced at the fireplace can be removed from the home.

However over a period of time, like any building structure, the chimney which is exposed to the environment can get damaged due to a number of reasons like corrosion, buildup of creosote, heavy snowfall or rainfall, earthquakes and similar natural calamities.

In such cases, it is important for the home or building owner to initiate concrete chimney repair at the earliest, because if the hot gases produced are not expelled safely from the area where they are generated , it can be difficult for the persons living or working in the area to breath, cause choking or other health problems